Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sun. Shade. Blossoms. Bees. Serendipity.


Once I came back down the steps from the thrift shop on Saturday, I turned west to walk back to my building. That's when I noticed the busy bees and their yellow blossoms. The bees flighted so quickly that I'm very surprised I managed to get a couple of photos with them in focus. I've cropped so that you'll have a better view.


The yellow blossoms grow as a ground cover on a slope that at it's highest point, it's a bit above my eye level. If I hadn't been standing in the shade, I'd never have been able to stand there long enough to keep trying to photograph a bee. It was 90 degrees on my iPhone's weather app.


Bee on the move, upper left corner, silhouette. Cropped so that it's easier for you to see.


Same image, uncropped, to give you an idea of just how difficult it was to find those bees in time to take a photo. Blossoms all over the place, dark shadowy spaces in between, quick moving bees. What a trip!


While I stood there taking photos, I noticed several blossoms sort of standing alone, not in the turmoil where the bees flitted. I wonder if the bees knew their pollen had already been gathered? Otherwise, why ignore such pretty blossoms?


William Kendall said...

Marvelous captures!

bill burke said...

Nice images! You caught the busy bee in action.

Gunn said...

Nice images.
The last one is my favourite.
Enjoy the season.