Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pay attention. You could be missing something unqiue. Or have you already seen it so often that it is now ordinary?


Juggling at 4 p.m. on a June day in downtown Portland may not be that unique to some. Look at these people ignoring the man in the top hat plying his craft on SW 6th Avenue. I myself didn't notice him at first as I stood on the Broadway side of Pioneer Courthouse Square. The Festival of Flowers had drawn me to my viewpoint and kept me occupied until I caught a flash of one of his juggling pins as I moved the zoom on the camera. Ah, I thought. I must capture some of these seconds.


Moments later he uniquely caught the pin there on the bridge of his nose, yet no one across the street at the MAX stop even noticed. I wondered where he'd send it with a flick of his head.


Back to catch it on his heel? Then flip it elsewhere? I actually saw it on his heel for a second through the camera lens, but, alas, was unable to get a photo of it there or on its way up.


In front of him after arcing overhead, the pin joined the others in the routine as those pedestrians and folks waiting for the MAX only paid attention to their own private routines.


Then he returned to what I think of as standard, everyday juggling. I soon left myself to catch my bus home, part of my own workday routine. Thanks, juggler, for a moment of what was out of the ordinary for me in downtown Portland.


LuiZ FernandoS said...

Nice chronic and thoughts on a fleeting moment

William Kendall said...

That takes a lot of practice!