Saturday, June 11, 2016

Seen on TriMet: The serendipity I found in shorts, during our recent, out-of-the-ordinary-early warm early June weather.


No, it wasn't the look on this woman's face that caused me to take this photo. Although I have to admit, now that I've uploaded the photo I believe it is an excellent example of wonderment at what makes a stranger lackadaisically invade one's personal space. Look at the next photo, read the caption, then you'll understand why I took a couple of surreptitious photos.


It was this calmly sleeping Service Dog that first caught my eye, totally at home in its sheepskin vest stretched out across the legs of its human. Looking at the dog made me notice his human's nicely color-coordinated shorts and T-shirt. Then--my eyes do tend to roam--I glanced to the left, quickly passing over the stranger-who-invades-personal-space-without-a-second-thought, and noticed how closely the woman's shorts mimicked the human's, in colors, style, and length. She also wore a nicely coordinated and comfortable looking top. So, I took this photo. Now you know even more about how my mind works and why I thoroughly adore serendipity.


William Kendall said...

Yes, those are closely matching shorts. The dog's a cutie!

Gunn said...

Cute dog, but it must be a bit hot with the "coat".
You can work as a private detective with these images.
Well seen and well done:)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Lynette said...

Thanks, Gunn! You enjoy your weekend, too. I like your bicyclists' photo--great perspective!