Monday, June 6, 2016

Sun. Shade. Sidewalks. Serendipity. Redux.


Saturday I turned the corner to walk on the sidewalk to go to the thrift shop behind the Albertina Kerr building. Immediately I noticed the dappled shade and sunlight beneath the leafy tree at the corner. Another great photo op!


These are the concrete steps up to the thrift shop. More dappled sunlight and shade, plus great shadows created by the handrail. The brown bits you see are debris that has fallen from the nearby trees.


Here's a photo of the steps--I stopped halfway up to take it. Besides the sunlight and shade, you see more of the brown debris that has fallen from the nearby trees.


William Kendall said...

Trees here tend to drop similar stuff- generally seeds for a future generation, and generally at a given time of year.

bill burke said...

Nice images! Shade is good when it's hot out.