Friday, June 3, 2016

Look all around and see what all you shall see


I haven't counted them, but I know I took a couple dozen photos of tiny flowers all along the path to the Benson Bridge. This is the best one, hands down.


I'm not certain that this crop improves the image. Takes away too much shadow on the left which seems to make the photo appear deep. What's your opinion? I'm quite interested. Thanks!


That bright sunshine in the crook caught my eye, so I took this photo of a unique tree with several moss-covered trunks.


This one's pretty good, too. I cropped it so that you may be able to see that the flower behind is in focus, not the one in front. Pure luck, what with these old eyes of mine.


Got the shadows and the flowers, after five or six tries. Do you like this one?


This one may be even better. More in focus, that bud between the two flowers--they're all three in focus. I believe I like it better than the previous one. I can see bits of pink on the petals of the flower to the left of the bud. How about you?


Oh, I forgot that I took this one. I like it a whole lot, too!


I remember taking this one, straining on my toes in a nook in the path at the right end of the Benson Bridge, straining to hold my breath and keep the focus and not wobble to ruin it. I got what I wanted, the rust-colored-airplane-propeller-looking thing. I wonder what it is?


Oh, these ferns! Standing side-by-side like members of the drumline. So fine.


The ferns, from a bit of a different angle, still so interesting to me.


Another one that I forgot I took. Gosh, my brain was getting tired right about then. I soon turned and walked down the path to head for the bus. Little did I know how long it would take for a bus to arrive. I made it home, though, and will go again sometime this summer.


William Kendall said...

Beautiful and pretty!

RedPat said...

Wonderful shots!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynette ~ haven’t been through your blog in ages… kind of went through a slump and transition, but am slowly working on my photography as I am able. Love these woodland shots... your whirlybird is the type of seed that all maple genus trees product, technically called 'double samaras' and when they drop in the fall they do seem to flutter like like helicopters...

leland hanson said...

Beautiful shots mom! I like both versions cropped and not. I think they both have there place.