Thursday, June 16, 2016

Flower Sale Today


Flower buyers showed up at Pioneer Courthouse Square to stock up on the potted plants from this year's Festival of Flowers. Notice in the top right corner, a bit of the wrought iron arch seen in the post earlier this week about the Festival of Flowers.


Selections made, time to pay at the table set up beneath the EZ-Up canopy labeled Pioneer Courthouse Square Portland's Living Room.


I saw this lady with her box of flowers before I walked across the street to enter the square. I wonder if she had a car or if she was heading for a bus? I've seen people on the bus with flowers from the sale.


For some reason this banner really appealed to me. Is it the font? The colors? I don't know.


I walked to the west side of the square and stood on what I call the viewpoint which is above the door to the Visitor Information, also seen in the post earlier this week. Across the square, you see Pioneer Courthouse itself. In front of it, the two-car MAX train and a TriMet bus. That's SW 6th Avenue, the north-bound street that is part of the Portland Transit Mall. SW 5th is the southbound portion. The MAX Yellow, Green, and Orange Lines run north and south on the mall; the Red and Blue Lines cross it on the other two streets that make up Pioneer Courthouse Square--SW Yamhill and SW Morrison. Buses go through the mall, too, spreading out to all portions of the metropolitan area, across three counties. The Portland Transit Mall runs from NW Irving to SW Jackson; it's 1.2 miles long, this couplet of one-way streets, SW 5th and SW 6th. One of these days--well, it'll take me more than one day--I'll be walking those blocks and photographing all along the way. I'll share lots and lots with y'all. We'll have a great time together!


Here's a map TriMet has on their Web site for the Portland Transit Mall. It's on the west side of the Willamette River, the two parallel lines, and there's a closeup of it on the right side of the picture.


bill burke said...

Lots of flowers, lots of choices!

William Kendall said...

I can see all those flowers getting snapped up pretty quickly.