Monday, June 20, 2016

Seen at the Grand Floral Parade, No. 1


Twenty minutes after the parade was supposed to start, well north of this location, this little guy, along with lots of other children. enjoyed making or chasing bubbles, depending on who would spend money for you. I couldn't help but think--as I watched him chasing every which way, jumping, swinging what I believe was a purple water-filled balloon on a stretchy tether--that he'd be a tired little guy on the way home. Probably snoozing in no time, having to be gently aroused for lunch unless the adults in charge knew him to be one better left to sleep until he woke himself.


It's obvious in this photo that the money was spent for the older children to have the bubble-making stuff; I'd have done that if I were spending my money because you'd think the older children would be less likely to just pour out the liquid.


Someone bought this guy a bubble-blowing gun. Let me tell you, enough of those flew right at me to have to dodge them after one popped close enough for me to taste it. Yuck! That colorful entity on the left of the photo is a head-band-with-streamers vendor. All sorts of vendors walked the parade route, selling eye-catching items aimed at kids of all ages.


See, another adult's reaction to all those bubbles coming his way!


Now there's a bubble war! And a confused toddler walking along with his mom.


The little guy really enjoyed the bubble gun's spewing so many bubbles so quickly. The girls got to pick their own headbands-with-streamers when the vendor paused right in front of where I sat.


Gunn said...

ooh happy day!
Great images / documentary!

William Kendall said...

That is a delight for them!

bill burke said...

Such fun, bubbles for everyone :)