Friday, July 31, 2015

Chemo Round One, Day 3. Things it would be fun to do on a sunny day in Portland, except that it is supposed to be 100 degrees today. It was 103 degrees yesterday! Three cheers for the window unit!

Chemo Round One, Day 3. So far, so good. No nausea. No other side effects, really, except for feeling a bit achy, sort of like I have a teensy bit of the flu. I am hoping this continues throughout the day. Rachel, Leland's girlfriend, brought over a delicious beef barley stew that she cooked at home, some fresh blueberries, and then made some zucchini bites in my kitchen, from a recipe in the What to Eat During Cancer Treatment book that Julie from work loaned to me. They were delish, too!


Eating watermelon with Mama over where my sons live in Southeast Portland, like this we enjoyed one Labor Day weekend.


Eating a plate like this, over at the guys, one Memorial Day weekend. Those sons of mine can cook! Mama made the deviled eggs, but before she died those little beauties became my contribution since her stamina waned over the years.


Eating a plate like this, over at the guys, one 4th of July! See what I mean about those sons of mine and cooking! We moved here in June, 2006, and didn't cook a holiday meal until Thanksgiving, 2010. Those sweet sons of mine treated us every single time!

Anyway, Rachel's taken such good care of me that in a little while I think I'll take a short nap in the recliner. Oh, I ate all of that good food she made without even thinking of taking a photo of it--I was that hungry. Every bite tasted tasted just right!


William Kendall said...

All that food looks really good!

We had an exceedingly hot day here the other day... better now though.

Randy said...

The food looks amazing.

Birdman said...

Great cooks and this is the PROOF! Enjoy and relax. Dream of the 'blazers next winter.

Patty said...

Hope all keeps going well for you and there are no horrible side effects to the treatment they are giving you. Hang in there, listen to your doctors and your boys. Looks like they know how to care for you and it sure looks like they are good cooks/chef's. Have a great evening and Sunday.