Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Look who showed up at my apartment Monday! He caught a ride with Michelle, my friend from work.


Michelle and her family enjoyed The Sandy Mountain Festival in nearby Sandy, Oregon, on Saturday. That's when this colorful guy caught her eye--he's a chemo buddy pillow, ready to be hugged and/or to rest on my abdomen when needed. He's adorable, what with his flowers and peace symbols, all hippie-dippie darlin' all over the place, y'all!

Since he arrived here on Monday, the day that my favorite television show comes on TNT, I've named him after my favorite character on that show, Buzz.

Here's what I've found about Buzz, online: Francis "Buzz" Watson is a fictional character appearing in TNT's two shows, The Closer and Major Crimes, and portrayed by Phillip P. Keene. He serves as a Civilian Service Coordinator, providing technical support to the Los Angeles Police Department's Major Crimes Division. His duties include filming crime scenes, and he runs the audio system in the interrogation room. He later starts training as a Reserve Officer in season 3 of Major Crimes and has started to take up those duties as well in season 4.

In other words on Major Crimes, Buzz is always there when needed.

Wouldn't you agree that I've named my new buddy the perfect name?


Birdman said...

Nice to have 'someone' always at your beck and call during these days.

William Kendall said...

Well that's cute!