Thursday, July 9, 2015

Throwback Thursday, amidst utter confusion caused by Flickr.

Thanks, Val Ballestrem--Architectural Heritage Center's Education Manager (Education Programs, Advocacy and Technical Assistance, Library, Website)--for being the star of my TBT. Well, the unwitting star since he doesn't know that I've featured him here. I took these photos on May 10, 2012, the Thursday that Val led the AHC Walking Tour, Skidmore Old Town.


Well, I don't have a clue what is going on with Flickr. I am copying and pasting the info about photos onto my blog, like I've been doing since 2007. And now I'm getting these white banners at the top of bottom of the photos. I got to the photo this time going to Flickr through Firefox.


Got to the photo's info this time through Safari, same mess of unwanted, unnecessary borders. Oh, well. I even restarted the computer. I don't think I completely turned it off and back on. I'll try that later. Right now, I want to finish the post and get it onto the blog.


Skidmore Fountain, one of the treats seen on this walking tour. By the way, the AHC offers this tour every Wednesday now through August 26. Here’s the link to a recent Oregonian story about these upcoming tours.


One more tidbit to entice you to consider signing up for an upcoming tour. You won't be making a Throwback Thursday memory, but there's not one thing wrong with making Wonderful Wednesday memories, is there?


Randy said...

Love that last photo. Nice reflection.

William Kendall said...

Lovely shots. Another blog I follow has had the same issue when importing images from Flikr.