Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I did the right thing by these three. Yes-in-deed-y!


Hungry for vegetables. Last week I asked Lamont to pick up asparagus, green beans, and squash for me at Freddie's. Earlier I had sauteed the two squash he bought, and I'd already steamed and finished off part of the broccoli that Leland had picked up for me on an earlier trip to the grocery store. Instead of eating the leftover squash, I decided to cook the rest of what I had in the frig.


Am I ever glad that I did! Steamed to tenderness, then sprinkled with Maldon Sea Salt flakes while still in the pot. Once I'd transferred a helping to my plate, I forked on a bit of Land o'Lakes butter. Then I ate every bite, thankful for my helpful sons and my capability to prepare these for myself. I'm on the mend. And so blessed--I get to eat leftovers today!


And a final view. Yep, I'm obsessed with how they look because I know how they taste.


William Kendall said...

Broccoli's particularly good with a cheese or white sauce.

LuiZ FernandoS said...

You have a good eye for food photography. It's not easy!

Birdman said...

And they are GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD for you too! Eat up, Girl.

Susan Bauer said...

You've got your A--asparagus, and two Bs--broccoli and beans. Now all you need is a C. How about carrots? It all looks yummy!