Thursday, July 2, 2015

Craving, craving, craving--sung to the tune of the Rawhide the theme song. Y'all know that old TV Western? Very early Clint Eastwood.

It all started when I read an e-mail from my bud Casey Parks yesterday morning, in which she asked how I was feeling and if I needed anything. Hmmmm. Need? No. How about crave? Yep. Definitely crave. I've been craving French fries since Monday night, so I mentioned how much I'd love to have a girlie-sized classic Killer Burger with their perfect-in-every-way fries. That sweet woman arranged her time to be able to pick up one for my lunch! Then, as she ordered it and talked with the counter person about why she was there getting it for me, that sweet woman wouldn't let her pay for it!


The decorated take-out box! Casey said she thinks that they upgraded me to the regular size burger.


Yep, they did! Look at that burger. Those fries. Oh, joy! And it all smelled as good as it looked.


Every single bite tasted like it was supposed to taste, hallelujah! Craving gone bye-bye.

FYI: I've had four Killer Burgers in the last 12 months. One at the NCAA basketball tournament in February at the Moda Center with several ingredients I don't enjoy on it, so I ate just the hamburger patty and the bacon and the fries and satisfied my all-day-long-basketball-tournament hunger. One in early May brought here by my sweet friend Lori Berkemeyer Rooney--it tasted so fine! One in late May that I thoroughly enjoyed once I had recovered enough from the hysterectomy to go to the Killer Burger on NE Sandy and enjoy lunch at one of their outside tables with my bud Janessa Wagner--it tasted even finer! And this one that Casey brought to me yesterday so that I could enjoy it in my studio apartment--it tasted finest of all!


William Kendall said...

Boy does that look good!

Randy said...

That looks tasty.

Susan Bauer said...

Yum! A Zip's burger and tater tots sated my craving yesterday.