Friday, July 3, 2015

My mid-morning snack. Thank you, Lord. Let me count my blessings.

--> Blessing No. 1 - After spending about 40 minutes outside in my folding aluminum lawn chair when the temp was 70 and the breeze comforting, I came inside for a pit stop and went right back outside for another 50 minutes. That time I had to move my chair so that my legs were in the sunshine because it was actually chilly out there in the low humidity breeze. Later on today when it gets to 97 I predict that I will be in my studio apartment, comfortable even with five one-week-old-one-inch-long slices in my abdomen--praise the Lord that they are healing nicely.


Blessing No. 2 - The electricity to run my frig and my window unit and my TV and my computer--you get the picture. It's 82 now, and I'm comfortable.


Blessing No. 3 - These strawberries, blueberries, and cherries that one of my sons picked up for me earlier on at Freddie's.

Blessing No. 4 - Those two loving, helpful sons of mine, Lamont and Leland!

Blessing No. 5 - My job and the wonderful folks with whom I work and the Family Medical Leave Act which protects my job for me.

Blessing No. 6 - My little Mama's old blue plush recliner where I'm headed in a little while. I woke up at 1 a.m. and stayed awake for at least three hours before falling a sleep for may two, so I will listen to my body and take a nap soon.

Blessing No. 7 - The massive number of folks praying for me as I experience these changes in my life. I thank the Good Lord for each of you, and I can feel the power of your prayers and love.


All that's left after I've enjoyed my blessings, y'all.


William Kendall said...

Very good blessings! The berries look delicious.

Have a blessed Fourth of July.

José Mendonça said...

Beautiful colours!

Lois said...

It's always good to count your blessings and please know that I'm praying for you even while I'm on my trip Lynette. I so enjoy your posts and comments.