Monday, July 20, 2015

My last post about being at St. Andrews, more that I saw and enjoyed immensely


I found out that there's more than one way to play ball at St. Andrews Links on Sundays when there is no event like The Open. I didn't take time to focus, I just snapped this one.


Full tilt boogie, brought to you by this exuberant dog.


Goal in sight!


You're mine!


Come on, guys. Catch up! I'm ready to give it another go!


When I walked along in front of the clubhouse, I saw this sign through the fence and squatted down to take this photo beneath the fence. Now that I've been watching The Open on ESPN, I realize that there in the distance is a temporary grandstand. I wonder what event had either just taken place or was planned for the near future? I didn't notice any other grandstands, not that I walked very far on the course. Our stop just wasn't long enough for such, drat it.


You can tell from this photo that walking the course on Sundays is popular. When there's no golf scheduled, the place serves St. Andrews as a city park. We really lucked out that our Trafalgar England Scotland Heritage Tour stopped there on Sunday, so I think that balances out my drat it for the short length of time that we got to be there. If it had been any other day of the week, we'd have had to stay on public paths, no feeling the gloriously cared for course beneath my feet. I am blessed!


Meet Fingal, a seven-year-old Scottish Terrier. His man George Ferguson stopped to talk with me for a moment as I admired Fingal.


Mr. Ferguson told me that he's a professor of chemistry at St. Andrews University. I enjoyed talking with him before he and Fingal left to catch up with the missus.


Looking towards the West Sands on the Kingdom of Fife coast of Scotland. I love the sunshine on the clubhouse in this photo.


The three-mile stretch of West Sands, seen in "Chariots of Fire" with those men running on the beach at the beginning and end of the movie and when the character Eric Liddle trains on the beach.


The silky shimmer of the water amazes me. I wonder whose eyes will shimmer with tears of joy when The Open is finished? I'm watching to find out.


William Kendall said...

The dogs must have a ball! The Scottie appeals most to me- one of my online friends has two of them.

LOLfromPasa said...

I enjoyed reading about your visit to St Andrews. It is a fantastic place for people and their dogs too :).