Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Seen at Schreiner's Iris Gardens - No. 1

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When you get there before 99% of the folks coming on Memorial Day, you easily park you car on the gray gravel and hard-packed dirt lot and walk across a paved area towards the buildings and the gardens. These colors combined at the left end of the first row of flower beds grabs you right away, getting your appreciation juices flowing.


I'm old, outta shape, overweight, yet I tried to stand still, hold my breath, lean in, bend over, squat if necessary, and take decent photos. All of them didn't turn out to be highest quality, but for the impression of the beauty and the joy at being able to witness it, I think they're just fine.


Absolutely mind-blowing in their intricacies and vividness.


If you've ever been to an iris bulb grower's place and been lucky enough that said iris bulb grower takes great pride it showing its wares at their best, then you know how much joy I feel every time I go to Schreiner's. And how much relief I feel because I don't have any dirt to grow anything in, so I don't have to try to narrow done selections to purchase and plant.



William Kendall said...

So pretty, Lynette!

Lois said...

You did a wonderful job Lynette. These are gorgeous pictures!

Kate said...

Such bright and vivid colors!

Randy said...

Perfect color combination.

Jim Klenke said...

and I like the colors of the closest. :-)