Thursday, May 21, 2015

Vehicular variety, May 21, 2009


Turns out that I saw several sorts of vehicles on that particular day in the past. Here's a unique one, for sure, an electric three-wheeled truck.


Reminds me of vehicles I've seen in Italy. There to the left of that sidelight, there's the word Xebra and a stylized zebra graphic with lightning for legs. Above the single center headlight, the word Zap with a lightning bolt as punctuation instead of an exclamation mark. And how about that 53 in the circle? Is that a nod to Herbie the Love Bug's racing number? I believe it is!


A motorcycle gunning its way into the traffic alongside a minivan in need of an oil change.


A lady on a white motorcycle in downtown, going north on SW 2nd Avenue. I have no idea the make of the motorcycle--it's too far away for me to make out any words on it. I can tell, and I clicked on the photo to see it at its largest so that I could verify what I thought I saw, that she's wearing high heels. High heels on a motorcycle! Maybe that's a scooter since it has that little shelf place for your feet? I don't know.


Another vehicle, a London black cab but with the steering wheel in the accepted American position, on the right.


The sign on the door says Avalon Hotel & Spa. It looks like this place has closed now or may be has a new name--I saw a red banner with closed on Yelp. I read an old review on Yelp where a man from San Francisco said, I still haven't taken the car service into downtown. Next trip I will. It's an older style English cab. That guy needs some help, y'all. This vehicle doesn't look anything like an older style English cab--it's too modern for that. The images I found at Google for black cabs showed a lot like this one, but with the steering wheel on the left. The older style ones definitely convey their different era of origin.


Talk about vehicular variety--a food truck, too! Only found one mention of it in a 2013 answer to the question about where to get the best burrito in Portland: specifically Ely's Rolling Grill and their Lengua Burrito. The burrito is excellent but the real trump card is the cooks who watch nothing but Saved By The Bell in Spanish while cooking the food. There you have it. Ely's in Beaverton. I don't see that particular item on the menu--see below!


Lots of variety on their menu. One of my favorite junior high school teachers kept this quote written at the top of the blackboard: Variety is the spice of life. So, maybe that's why Ely's Rolling Grill - Mexican & American food has such a variety in its menu, so that they'll be spicy? Sorry, I'm rambling now.


黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

I would certainly like to try some of those in the menu which words I am not familiar especially the Barritos at the bottom section of the Menu.

William Kendall said...

We have some of those modified London cabs here as well. I haven't been in one.