Friday, May 22, 2015

One more sort of transportation, seen on May 22, 2009


Seen from the bus window on my home bound commute.


Portland Cascadia Pedicabs. This young man's got his hair in two French braids, on on each side of his head. Cool.


This is a video. Click on it so that the play button will be revealed. Thanks! I never tried this sort of transportation until this year, on my way home from a Portland Trail Blazers' game. It was a lot of fun! Here's a video of the first 33 seconds of the ride--he got me home A-OK. I rode with Boombox Josh of PDX Pedicab--riding in style, as he put it, on March 5, 2015, the night that we beat the Dallas Mavericks!


The fellow I saw in 2009 may have been dressed like this because Rose Festival events had started, not that anyone ever needs a reason to dress how they please in Portland.


William Kendall said...

I was going to say, why is he dressed like that!

Randy said...

Bravo! I would ride with him.

VP said...

Quite strange...