Thursday, May 14, 2015

Earlier today, I'm missing the sunshine and waiting to go for my morning walk.

I cannot go outside yet because the landscape crew is mowing. My allergies had already had their way with me from the moment I woke up, so I have taken the allergy pills and have shut the windows. Now I can breathe better, I'm not sneezing, my nose has stopped running. I'm dressed and ready to go on a walk, but I'm waiting until I no longer hear their equipment, maybe at least a half hour after the sounds cease. To pass the time, I'm deciding which sunshiny images to share with y'all. Here goes!


Exquisite petals, photographed looking up from the steps that go to the front yard at Albertina Kerr.


After the landscape crew noises stopped, I ventured outside. Lo and behold, our grass had not been cut! So, I walked across the street to go make the block and quickly realized that the mowing had been going on at Albertina Kerr.


William Kendall said...

The flower looks lovely!

Lois said...

That first shot is breathtaking Lynette! The light is absolutely perfect.

Randy said...

That first shot has some wonderful light.