Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lucky me. I spied someone to pose for me in the garden yesterday afternoon. I hope you enjoy these five photos!


Photo #1 - I walked around the rose beds at Albertina Kerr, across the street from my apartment building, checking for the subtle, delicious scent of roses in bloom as I enjoyed the sights and the glorious Portland weather. This particular flower is where I got lucky, not that it had a noticeable scent. None noticed, but as I bent over to take a sniff, the petals revealed a hidden lady bug. Excited, I held my iPhone 5 camera as close as possible, tapped the screen to focus, and blindly pushed the button. Blindly, I say, because in the sunny conditions, a glare covered the screen.


Photo #2 - Checking for focus would wait until I got back inside my apartment, so I kept snapping.


Photo #3 - This one turned out pretty good!


Photo #4 - Sunshine captured in the opening rosebud. I'm particularly fond of this sort of color combination, the golden and the rosy orange.


Photo #5 - This image lets you know just how lucky I was to see this little lady!


William Kendall said...

Great details on the little one!

Lois said...

She is adorable! You got some great shots there Lynette.

Randy said...

I love Ladybugs. Beautiful photos.