Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sight I saw, out and about a little while ago


Talk about your moment in time, when the sun shines right where you want it, when you're able to hold your breath and your hand so that your iPhone 5 is steady.

Thanks to Albertina Kerr--an organization which maintains a lovely building across the street and is a leading provider of services to children, adults and families with emotional or mental health challenges and developmental disabilities--I am not all that sad that I don't have a yard or a lawn or a garden of my own. They willingly share theirs with the entire neighborhood.

I think this is the prettiest photo I have ever taken with an iPhone camera. Still feeling shocked as I look at it again while proofreading. Can't help but whisper to myself, "Wow."


William Kendall said...

Wow indeed! Beautiful!

Gunn said...

Superb ( Including the light.)

Lois said...

It is absolutely breathtaking Lynette! The light is gorgeous. I get some pretty good pictures on my iPhone 6, sometimes better than my real camera.

Randy said...


Jack said...

It is gorgeous, Lynette. My iPhone camera continues to shock me by taking lovely photos. I sometimes wonder why I lug big cameras around when the iPhone does so well.