Tuesday, March 11, 2014

While cold and blustery weather lingers, I'm dreaming and knowing this too will come, No. 10

The Architectural Heritage Center's Sullivan's Gulch Walking Tour took me on foot beside one of my favorite sites in Northeast Portland--these cairns in the parking strip. I noticed this man watching the tour goers pass by. I also noticed the two types of cairns rising from the green grass. I took these photos on May 17, 2012, right before 8 p.m. How fitting that I have such a sunny series of late evening photos to share with you on the second full day of daylight saving time, 2014! Cairn close-up. Curious, I turned to see what the man might do after we had passed. Bonus time! He's the cairn builder, headed for a stone there in the grass between his feet! That's nice sized flat looking stone. I need to go back over there and take a new photo to see what has become of it and/or the cairns. He's about to put the stone where he wants it. Wait! Can you see the triangular brown stone that appears to balance on one of its points in a depression in another stone? They are just past the man's khaki pants. I wonder how that stone manages to stand on its point? Some sort of applied fixative?


Randy said...

I like them out in nature but as yard art I am not too sure.

William Kendall said...

I've seen someone who does remarkable things with stones. This fellow certainly does that!