Friday, March 21, 2014

See what prompted me to get off the 20 bus on East Burnside last Saturday

An enclosed tricycle. What do you think of it? While I think it is so cute, I myself cannot imagine being out in regular traffic in it--even with bike lanes--mainly because I cannot imagine riding a bicycle or a tricycle in traffic, period. Someone parked it here, beside the bike rack--that blue bar--so someone rode in it.

Once I walked across East Burnside onto NE 16th, I stopped to take this photo. Now I see that the enclosed trike is in between two bike racks; I wonder why it is not locked to one of them? Hmmm. Look ahead on the sidewalk and you'll see a bicycle waiting for its rider. I wonder if it is locked to a bike rack? Oh, one more thing to notice in this photo that I took in Northeast Portland. Beyond the green street sign and the yellow one with the arrow on it, see what looks like a tall building? That is the Big Pink which is on the west side of the Willamette, a mile and three tenths away! So cool to find the unexpected in a photograph!

Closer view of the back of the trike. It's an interesting piece of machinery.


Barbara Farr said...

Great for rainy weather. Down here we would have to put an AC unit in it!

William Kendall said...

That is a peculiar looking tricycle!

Jack said...

It is not going on my wish list.

Randy said...

That would be some ride but I would not want to be riding next to a big vehicle.

Birdman said...

File under---
Just strange.