Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bounty from the PSU Farmers Market, No. 2

Fresh spinach and assorted braising greens. So easy to pick up with the tongs and put into the bag, even easier to cook in a saute pan with some olive/canola oil and my tongs, a little sea salt.

More of the greens available at this booth--I didn't buy any this particular day, but I certainly have in the past. Easy to cut into small strips, using my version of the chiffonade technique. It's not pretty, but it works.

Carrots and turnips--yummy, yummy root vegetables. I baked the carrots along with some potatoes, then I ate them with some baked boneless, skinless chicken breast. I diced the turnips and put them in my ground beef, mixed vegetable, sliced okra soup, instead of potatoes. Yummy. I like to cook a couple of things if I have enough ingredients, that way I don't get bored with my left overs.

I didn't buy any leeks or radishes, but they make a great photo!

The other end of the leeks. For me this picture is all about the prodigious effort put in by the people who willingly work so hard hour after hour to produce the bounty we can select from it at will. I celebrate them.

Two Tarts Bakery--if you have never eaten a chocolate chip cookie sprinkled with sea salt, I feel way, way sorry for you. Two Tarts names these delectable cookies "Fleur-de-Sel Chocolate Chip. Their description, found on their Web site, certainly fits: Classic chocolate chip cookies with a sprinkling of the finest sea salt, these are crunchy at the edges and chewy in the middle.But, hey, it gets even better. The woman on the right is from my home state, M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I.

Salmon Creek Farms' tomatoes. I read online at Flickr when I found someone else's photo that they grow their tomatoes hydroponically. No wonder they already had such tasty treats ready for us, even with our cooler than normal weather.

Once I got home, I set everything out on top of the white nemesis, which--as you know if you follow my blog--is now long gone. You can see that I also bought a small cabbage, a small cauliflower, a jar of Unbound Pickling’s Bread and Butter Pickles and a jar of Mango Madness Pepper Jelly from Rose City Pepperheads. Both delicious. If you want to experience spectacular pepper jelly, go to the link and shop yourself silly.


Jim Klenke said...

you got quite a haul. Nice looking farmers market, its been a while since I went to the Dallas FM.

Birdman said...

Are the gals pictured the two tarts? Just wondering...

Patty said...

What beautiful photos the veggies and other items make. They look so good and fresh. We don't be having much around here until the corn, tomatoes, melons and etc come on. Twice a week we have a small Farmer's market set up in our little shopping mall. usually run by German Baptist farmers.

Lois said...

Everything looks wonderful! I would be overwhelmed with decisions on what to buy.

bfarr said...

Everything is so beautifully and artfully arranged. Makes you want to purchase all those good veggies.

Jacob said...

Now this I like! We went to a "farmers market" the other day and there was one stall with very limited fruit and veggies...