Friday, May 27, 2011

Some of what I saw, No. 8

I found a surprise someone smiling at me while I waited for the bus home at the end of my adventures on May 14.

Just what are the three things you see reflected in the windows? Guesses, please. Pretty please.

See anyone you know?


Warren said...

cool door art! ok..., three things reflected: you, your bus stop, and a vertical tattoo sign that's still readable in spite of being reversed by the reflection.

bfarr said...

We see you...and a pretty cool smiley face. Interestingly, my smiley also had a small heart with it too.

Have a nice weekend.

Jacob said...

I would guess it's Lynette with camera in hand who's trying not to laugh at the face with the smile on the door all in green which does not match brick, and I've got to admit that is quite a trick!

david sorina said...

bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!

casey said...

I like that I can see you!

Vicki~ said...

It's nice to 'meet' you! I discovered your blog on the Architectural Heritage site. Your photos are beautiful! What camera do you use? Though I'm sure the true photos come from your mind's eye!

Marcy said...

Self Portrait - Lynette, Photographer

Love it.