Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A 1948 Streamline/Art Moderne Home in Washington County. Architectural Heritage Center Kitchen Revival Tour XIII, April 16, 2011


From the descriptive booklet: This home is like none other you will ever see. What at a glance might appear to be a modest 1949 ranch house quickly evolves into a high style "Streamline" or Art Moderne home upon closer examination. (Stick around all the way through the photos that I took--you will be very, very thrilled that you did.) Before you set off on the post, be sure to read an interesting article about the home. Now for a real treat before you look at the photos that I took when I visited the home. Here is the real estate listing about this outta sight house! Followed by a link to the realtor's photos. The realtor is Kathryn Madison of the Windermere Cronin & Caplan Realty Group, Inc. If you read the article and click on the link to the photos, you will enhance your virtual tour.

Raleigh Park Atomic Ranch
October 11th, 2010
This home I recently listed created such a buzz in the realtor community it drew 70 brokers to the professional open house. What’s so special? Rarely do we see a midcentury in such pristine condition. And not pristine condition of a home that wasn’t so hot to begin with- we’ve all seen those. This home was obviously custom built with high end materials, sited beautifully on a .38 acre lot in a great neighborhood.So many features were marveled over on the tour- the honeycombed glass on either side of the main doorway is not only beautiful, but functional. The glass panels swing out to allow fresh air in- and then hidden screens pull down over the space. The living room fireplace is a graceful curve of wood. Beyond the fireplace is a floor to ceiling window that takes in the sunny level backyard. The kitchen is completely original with it’s white masonite walls trimmed in metal. Most cabinet doors are rounded. A rounded built in cabinet repeats the shape above in glass display shelves. Beyond that is a restaurant style booth with an industrial glass table top and a stainless riveted base right of of a rocket ship. The booth is surrounded by a wraparound window.Two of the four baths are pristine masonite with glass block windows- the colors are neutral- not the burgundys and aqua blues one might expect in a vintage bath.The house is currently decorated with a vintage eye, but the home could go Dwell very easily for a super sleek mid century modern look. $459,000
Check out the photos and pass on to your mid century loving friends. Contact me for a private tour.

If you've looked at my blog over the years, you realize how enamored I am with vintage vehicles. I couldn't believe this Thunderbird sitting in the driveway! Once I got inside the house, I completely lost my mind and forgot to ask what year the car is. Do you know?

Look at the sweep of the trunk lid, the tail lights, the fins, the angle of the back window up inside the roof of the car!

I entered through the front door, excited after reading about this house and hearing others on the tour who had started by visiting in, although it was the last one in the booklet. (Before I left I learned that the glass panel on the left of the door swivels open lengthwise--the man of the house went through it to ring the doorbell at the request of a person on the tour. Way cool. I assume that the other one swivels open, too.) The volunteer greeter told everyone who entered to be sure to go inside each of the two bathrooms and shut the door to get the full effect. Interesting.

A sunken living room, the first one I have ever seen in person. My jaw dropped when I saw it. I kept thinking, "I've walked into a movie; I've walked into a movie." I think the wall color is truest in this photo and the next one--too much light in the other three.






The dining room is fantastic.



Love this entire room--it's on the front of the house opposite the dining room.






I went in the hall bathroom and shut the door--aha!



I went in the master bedroom's bathroom and shut the door--aha, again!



Lovely, simply lovely.


The kitchen in this house combines clean lines reflective of the 1930s, with a 1949 "kitchen of tomorrow," including glass built-in shelves, and a glass and chrome built-in table.



The original cabinetry contains smooth curved lines and Marlite was used throughout. This kitchen also sports an original top-load dishwasher integrated into the kitchen sink cabinetry.









Halcyon said...

Lots of cute details in this house!

Jacob said...

What a wonderful walk down memory lane...most of the things in this house I grew up with. The kitchen looks very much like my mother-in-law's, who moved into her home in about 1952. I met her in 1954...even the horseshoe seating in vinyl!

The Thunderbird - now that's when a Thunderbird looked like a Thunderbird! Marvelous machines. I don't know the year, either, but I'd guess about 57 or 58.

Great post!

bfarr said...

What a great house. Unlike Jacob, I did not grow up with many of these things, but I appreciate the clean lines and interesting decor.

Jack said...

Jacob is a much, much, much older man than I. (Cough.) This would have been much more stylish than most of its peers "in its day."

brian stout said...

WOW! what a house! and i really love the way it's decorated too! i'm a big fan of the old thunderbirds as well, since my first car was a 64 t-bird! i think jacob is right, this one looks like a 57, and in nice shape too!

Lynette said...

Thanks to those who have made a guess about the Thunderbird. I used that info as a starting point and went to Google Images. Turns out the car best matches photos I found of 1960 Thunderbirds.

double glazing northern ireland said...

Lots of cute stuff in the house. But I love the sunken living room. You were right it really does feel your in a movie. Its so beautifu.