Monday, March 21, 2011

Supper. I love leftovers!

I cooked this on Sunday, intending to have it as supper, off and on this week. First I put the two chicken breasts in the glass bowl--sprinkled with salt and pepper, drizzled with olive oil--and baked them for one hour in the oven, 350 degrees. Then I got them out of the bowl so that I could use the drippings and olive oil mixture elsewhere.

Here's where I used it, in this great big saute pan so that I could first cook my cippolini onion and carrots, then braise my variety of greens and spinach. I think that I have Kale. Is that kale, y'all?

So, you see the fresh vegetables which I reaped at the Portland State University Farmers Market which opened this past Saturday. Yummy. I also bought a jar of Mango Madness, a fine pepper jelly from the Rose City Pepperheads, some Chevreddar goat cheese from Farmucopia in Woodland, WA, some other cheese from Ancient Heritage Dairy, Opal Creek, from Scio, OR. I thought I read on their sign that it was sheep cheese--now that I look at the label I see that it is described as "Artisan made on our farm with raw cow milk, cultures, enzymes and salt." Oh, well, I won't each much of it at one time so maybe the lactose tolerance problem won't kick in. It also says "aged at least 60 days." It ought to make a fine grilled cheese. I also go two smallish chocolate chip cookies sprinkled with fleur de sel (sea salt). Actually, I bought one, succumbed to its tastes and texture, then bought the other one and ate it right then, too! The best morsels I popped in my mouth as I made my way through the market!


Marcy said...

I want that Mango Madness!!! How come my cooking never looks that good?

Jim Klenke said...

looks yummy, what time do we eat?

Rowen said...

Yes, that there is kale.