Sunday, March 27, 2011

I am so excited about this! Here's to two commenters, Honest Abe Lincoln and Christine H. who ...

... commented at Mama and Me from PDX, worried about the placement of certain items in yesterday’s post. I put the same thing on both blogs, trying to be efficient with my use of time.

Mr. Lincoln said: There is an unprotected bombshell in your photograph as well as the girl in the bike. I am flabbergasted the city has not protected the natural gas main from being run into and broken off, erupting in a giant explosion of never ending flames.

On the left and this side of the 55 gallon drum.

Christine H. said: Abe is right. I didn't notice that, but once I read his comment I had to go back and look. there's a dumpster near it, so presumably big garbage trucks back up there. ANYWAY...that is not what struck me first. What struck me is the initials DTW on the newspaper box. This tagger has his @#$%! initials sprayed all over my neighborhood too and I'm a number of miles away from where this picture was taken. I'd like to get my hands on him.
I hope you don't mind that both of these comments have gone off on tangents.

Concerned about their worries but unable to go back outside either on Saturday (I had an intestinal bug) or today (it's raining and I'm still not quite right), I decided to take a look at the area on Google Maps. The photo you see here is the one I shot as it sat on my iMac.

Rest assured, Mr. Lincoln, the gas main is in a protected spot. Rest assured, Christine H., there is ample room for big garbage trucks to maneuver.

I love it that the two of them looked so closely at my photograph. I love it that they, as Christine H. categorized it, went off on tangents. That's one of my favorite places to go! Thanks, y'all!

Oh, and y'all who take way more photos than I do and have been thoroughly trained to do so, what do you call it when the perspective of the photo shortens what is actually there, so much so that the entire alley seems to have disappeared and the four-lane thoroughfare gives no evidence of its width in yesterday’s post? Is there a name for it? Thanks!


Archie Techt said...

A 'forced perspective' is when the size of elements in the distance are intentionally reduced in scale to make them appear further away, perhaps that is what you are thinking of? There is also 'foreshortening', which compresses/distorts what something really look like due to the angle you are viewing it from. Where is you picture taken on Sandy, I don't recognize it?

Lynette said...

Archie, thanks for this information. I think foreshortening is what I was trying to remember.

The original photo on Saturday's post is of the intersection of NE 20th Avenue and NE Sandy. This alley is behind the Pho Gia restaurant which faces Sandy and the Musicians Union Local 99 which is on NE 20th.