Monday, March 28, 2011

Look where I got to go on St. Patrick's Day! Before the game.

The Rose Garden. The Portland Trail Blazers vs the Cleveland Cavaliers. We won, 111-70! Lamont took this photo of me during halftime.

Naturally I took lots and lots of photos of all sorts of action on and off the court. Here are a few that I like the best!

The announcer fully explained the code of conduct as this appeared on the scoreboard. I had no idea the Blazers had this policy, but it certainly makes sense today, considering how some folks lose control.

Pre-game, necessary torture.

The game ball made its way through the stands, from up above my left shoulder down to the floor. The boy with the green T-shirt underneath his Blazers' jersey has the ball and is about to pass it to the next row. The boy on his right is flashing the three goggles! The boy with the jacket and glasses got the ball and passed it off again, as it continued on its way.

This tricked-out boy reminds me of ex-Blazer Steve Blake. The man in the black pants and sleeveless shirt is part of the Trail Blazers Stunt Team, as are the girls in the short skirts and green T-shirts. You'll see more of them as I continue to post photos of the event.

There's a little girl in the middle of the photo, between the two stunt team members--she got to carry to ball to the refs. I am pretty sure that is Marcus Camby there on the floor, the human pretzel.

There goes the little girl. A job well done.

Time for the national anthem. The man from Idaho, I think it was, sang it beautifully!

Blaze runs across the floor, flag flying.

Lights swirled as Blaze stopped at center court, swirling the flag about his head.

Team introductions completed, the Blazer Dancers and Stunt Team took to the floor. All of those young women were safely caught by the young men!

Come back tomorrow for tip-off and the first quarter.


This is Belgium said...

Greetings from Brussels

Steve Scauzillo said...

I love basketball. These shots make me want to go to a game. But my choices here are Lakers or Clippers...hmmm.

Jim Klenke said...

I am glad they won, you got some super shots. Do they always have the game ball handed down from the stands?