Sunday, March 13, 2011

Walk #5, interesting concept

As I walked around the neighborhood last Sunday, I remembered that I wanted to take a closer look at the windows at this corner store. Recently I'd noticed the painted signs from the bus window. But what caught my eye as I snapped this shot wasn't just the "Sleep Better ... Buy Local" painted across the outline of the state of Oregon.

Nope. It was the red and white printed sign leaning up in the lower left corner of the window that caught my eye. Deliver a mattress by bike? Interesting concept. Do I ever wish that I'd be outside to catch a glimpse of one of these deliveries so that I could take a photo to share!


Jim Klenke said...

LOL, that bike sign caught my eye also.

We have a factory here that makes the foam that goes inside the mattress. The factory has caught on fire 3 times since I moved to town in 97.

Randy said...

Now that would be something to see. I wonder if they deliver both together if you buy the box spring too.

Jack said...

If you see those guys delivering a mattress by bike, you be sure to snap a picture, Lynette.

saverio otranto said...

grande occhio! scatto simpatico