Monday, March 7, 2011

July 15, 2007, Mama and Duncan

Let me explain how I came upon this photo and decided to post it today. I started out going to my set at Flickr, Pioneer Courthouse Square. I knew that I had taken some new photos last Wednesday as I waited for the MAX Yellow Line after work--I had an errand to do. I stood across SW 6th Avenue from Pioneer Courthouse Square, watching people, taking photos. I figured why not, it wasn't raining, the sun had not set. Once I got those photos uploaded to Flickr and into the set, I planned to sort it with the newest photos first, but for some reason it just wouldn't do it. I scrolled down the first page of the set for some reason, and there it was, this sweet photo. We had gone to see Sand in the City with our friends from California when this little girl just had to give Duncan a pat; he and Mama wear the stickers we got when we made our donation to the Kids on the Block charity--Sand in the City's a fundraiser.

Mama's been gone two months today. Duncan's been gone since June 9, 2010. Those two inevitable truths remain unreal.


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

It's always great to refind photos we'd forgotten about - some people never do that which seems sad but those think we are sad but we're not.

Lois said...

Oh Lynette, what a wonderful memory!

WendyB said...

What a great picture of a good time. The sticker on Duncan is priceless!

Lauren said...

What a sweet, sweet picture!

casey said...

I love you, Lynettey. Let's go out to eat or to get a margarita.

love you,