Sunday, May 29, 2016

Colors from Saturday's out-and-about: Portland Farmers Market at PSU


I like how the colors of the eggs stand out from the bland, gray egg cartons.


There's a sturdy delicacy in the colors of this bouquet, dichotomy of those two words be damned.


All I see here is a juxtaposition of robust colors with pastels. I'm not certain that I like the combination.


One view of the bouquet-makers at work.


A second view of the bouquet-makers at work.


Not only the colors, but also the design, on this rolling bag caught my eye. It's a miracle that I managed to get a clear shot of it as the young man walked away from me. Hundreds and hundreds of people walked every which way.


When I walked back by here about ten minutes later, almost all of the purple things had been sold. Are they giant turnips? I have no idea and didn't stop to ask, nor did I think to photograph the sign. Google and my search word skills to the rescue. I typed in odd looking purple root vegetable and discovered this is kohlrabi. Those root vegetables beside them may be French pink radishes. My best guess, based on a quick search of carrot-shaped radish and finding a photo that looks similar, including the greenery which resembles none I ever seen on carrots.


William Kendall said...

Lovely flowers, and the market looks very busy!

bill burke said...

Those are some beautiful flowers! Definitely a very busy place on a Saturday :)

Gunn said...

Wow, fantastic flowers!
I hope for more sunny days and more flowers out in our garden soon.
Did you buy some?

leland hanson said...

You a great eye for photography mom! The colors are amazing!