Thursday, May 19, 2016

I really miss seeing these transit shelters downtown on SW 5th and SW 6th. All but this one, gone but not forgotten.


There's a stalled bus alongside the curb, apropos of the fact that this shelter, back before Portland's Transit Mall was revamped in 2007, would have served many buses throughout the day and the night, for untold numbers of commuters. I used this particular a lot myself when I first started commuting from Northwest Portland to Southeast Portland in October, 2006. Since November, 2006, set records for rainfall totals, it came in very handy.


While I'm glad that at least one of these iconic shelters was saved and turned into a coffee stand, it makes me sad as all get out to think about the many that disappeared, their unique shapes gone forever, replaced by generic glass and tube shelters which do little to protect us from blowing rain. I heard that TriMet did away with these--which always remind me of hats that might have been worn by China-men of yore--because their closed-in design led miscreants to use them for nefarious reasons, as well as others who took advantage of not being able to be easily seen to relieve themselves, hopefully during the night when few commuters were on the streets. I myself never witnessed either activity.


Honest Abe Lincoln said...

These are very nice looking and fit the area. We have what we call, "Bus Stops" that consists of a curved sheet of plexiglass with a bench under it. The top curved part is what shelters you from the rain but is not large enough so your head stays dry but you get wet from the knees down.

William Kendall said...

I like this- good that it's been preserved and transformed. Many of our bus stops are just a flag sign overhead with the route numbers, while most of our shelters are rectangular glass.

bill burke said...

I remember those from when I lived in Portland. Didn't know they replaced them but making one in to a coffee stand is very cool.