Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Seen before and after work Monday. Oh, the joy of a DSLR and figuring out how to work it!


A curious body at the bus shelter with no intention of boarding the bus when it arrives.


As I witnessed each step, I expected the crow to fly away. Instead, it kept walking along the brick wall that encloses the flower bed.


How about that left leg caught mid air? Cool!


You have to realize that I'm sitting a sidewalk's width away from this bird. Thank goodness I learned how to turn off the camera's focus beep on Saturday because I doubt that I'd have gotten more than one photo. What a neat event to share with one of nature's smarter creatures, the crow.


Walking. We're walking. Said like those White House tour guides you see in movies, the ones who walk backwards at the head of a group of wide-eyed tourists. Of course, this crow is walking forward, like a good crow would.


Just before take off! Is this wide-legged stance the usual pre-take-off stance? I'll have to pay better attention the next time the opportunity arises.


Walking again, along the edge of the roof on the credit union building. I really like the way this one turned out!


And this one, too. Look at those feathers!


And these feathers!


Those teensy little legs and those feathers! Aren't we glad that we don't have to swing our hips this much side-to-side to go forward? The bus drove up and I had to walk onto it and go to work.


After work, I rode the bus two blocks past my street, four blocks past my usual stop, so that I could get in some more steps. Lucky for me, I got to see these fallen rhododendron blossoms through the wrought iron gate. This is at the building where I photographed those peachy colored roses in a shrub/tree on Saturday. See an earlier post to see them.


Naturally, I felt a deep desire to zoom in on the blossoms. First try.


Second try. I'm very happy with both of them. Yea for learning how to use my Olympus. Thanks to my son Leland for his patience as I give it my all, such as it is now and then.


bill burke said...

That's an impressive series of photos. It seemed like the crow wanted to have his photo taken and I like your perspective on the fallen rhododendron blossoms.

William Kendall said...

Crows are very smart birds. This one's quite photogenic!

leland hanson said...

It looks like you are getting the hang of the new camera settings. Great shallow depth of field shots!

Lynette said...

Thanks, honey. I'm trying.