Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Seen last Sunday while out and about along the Willamette River, downtown Portland


I took the bus downtown, walked towards Tom McCall Waterfront Park and through a small portion of the location known as Portland's Saturday Market--it's also open on Sundays. The neon sign is at the prior location for the market, beneath the Burnside Bridge and next to the MAX stop. I like neon signs a whole lot, so I was tickled when I saw it. I didn't take any photos at the market itself because I didn't want to invade the creative property of the vendors.


I looked a bit and then made my way north on the sidewalk to find a park bench where I could enjoy my picnic lunch I'd brought with me--Cacio de Roma semi-soft sheep cheese from Italy, a hard-boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, Extra Toasty Cheezits, and cherries. I remembered my water today! I filled up my Blazers' red metal bottle that I bought at the Columbia employee store on my last visit; sometimes where I work, we get invites to go to that store and save some money on our purchases.


After I ate, I decided to head back and catch the bus home. I'm glad I walked the direction I did because I got to take this photo of the Portland Oregon neon sign. I really like this sign!


bill burke said...

I really like the Portland, Oregon neon sign especially with the two street lights included. Great composition Lynette!

William Kendall said...

The sense of distance in that first shot really appeals to me.