Sunday, May 22, 2016

All, I mean ALL, about my going to the Portland Farmers Market at PSU yesterday and what I bought!

I don't know exactly how this will work for y'all. I may end up driving you completely crazy, but I feel compelled to try it. Five short videos here for y'all. I had to figure out how to edit the longer one into short enough segments that I could e-mail them to myself from my iPhone, then download them to the iMac, then upload them to Flickr, then post them into the blog at Blogger. Where in the world would I be without all of these nouns after AT? Sad, I'd simply be sad.

Following the videos, still shots of the items that I bought and videoed after I got home--I couldn't get those videos to go where I wanted them to go using my make-shift-process that I outlined above, so I took a screen shot of each item as it appeared in a video, then cropped until I liked how it turned out. I uploaded them to Flicker.

Lo and behold, the entire screen shot uploaded, so I had to crop them in Aviary, a Flickr edit thing-ey. I'm all into make-shift-processes on today's post. Enjoy!






Now for what I bought at the market. Thank goodness for my backpack! I stuffed it with the items in jars, the cherries inside a plastic container that I took with me, and the loaf of bread. I ended up having to buy two $1 reusable shopping bags from Unger Farms where I bought the Hood strawberries--they traveled as well as could be expected in another plastic container, most of them still inside the paper pint carton they came in. I used the two bags for the candy, the pate, and all of the veggies.


Carrots and zucchini. I plan to bake the carrots and put the zucchini in a pot along with lots of the other veggies.


Spinach, one bunch for the pot.


Cabbage, about the size of an orange, some for the pot, some to cook some other way.


Walla Walla Sweet Onion, some for the pot, some to eat raw on the occasional half sandwich.


Green onions, same as the Walla Walla.


Turnips, for the pot.


Broccoli, to be steamed and enjoyed immensely.


Hood strawberries, already eaten sliced in Cheerios and by hand, along with the occasional half sandwich.


Cherries, waiting to be counted out, measured into the proper serving and taken to work as part of lunch.


Scrumptious pate that I eat in small cubes as part of lunch. I've got to figure out how to count the carbs and calories.


Cherry Country delights, to be eaten now and then when I have space in my carb count. Rose City Pepperheads Mango Madness Pepper Jelly, to be enjoyed as measured in all sorts of ways. The stuff is pure gold. Unbound Pickling Bread and Butter Pickles, to be consumed by the slice on the occasional half sandwich.


The bread to use for the occasional half-sandwich and/or the occasional whole piece of toast. It's divine!


bill burke said...

The videos worked for me. You definitely are becoming quite the techie :) Enjoy all your wonderful food from the market!

Gunn said...

Nice images and lots of vitamins. I could have spent time and money there.

William Kendall said...

That is quite a haul from the market. Interesting to hear your voice!