Thursday, June 25, 2015

Yea for me!


Good morning, y'all! Picture my face when I read this in an e-mail in my online Kaiser account yesterday, from the Anesthesia Care Provider Team for my surgery with Dr Steiner: You can have clear liquids until 2 HOURS BEFORE (9:30 AM) you check in. This includes water, clear apple juice, 7-up, tea, or black coffee.

Here's how the emotions went yesterday as I processed that statement. First, disbelief. Huh? I can? Then, joy. Oh, boy! I can have some tea when I wake up in the morning! I'm going to be so empty after my pre-op routine's success that this is spectacular news! I sat here in my chair, excited to even think about drinking some tea Thursday morning!

Now it's Thursday morning. I took this photo while the tea cooled in the mug which I gave to my little Mama years ago; it's so fine to drink from it as she used to do. I have sipped half of it. That's all I needed to make me feel somewhat normal, y'all. I know, what's normal mean for a never-dull-and-boring gal like me? Let's just say that I feel as if I could get dressed and go to work after that half a cup of Twinings English Breakfast Tea, even though the only thing I've had to eat since Tuesday evening has been Jell-o and Popsicles. Yea for me!

About my pedometer. I'm not wearing it again until I get home tomorrow, at the earliest. If I were to wear it today and somehow forget to put it into my purse (which Lamont will be in charge of at the hospital) and then never see it again, devastated would be too small a word to describe my emotions. That little device packs a motivation wallop way out of proportion to its size. Yea for me!

About the robot. My surgery is labeled as robot surgery. Dr. Steiner explained, "The robot has a 3-D camera and little hands that I will use during the surgery." She herself has small hands, so to me that says that the robot's hands will serve as a natural extension of hers. Sort of like a hockey stick serves as an extension of their arms and hands for those wild folks who zoom headlong across the rink. I'm in awe of professionals whose skills transfer from themselves into their tools. Yea for me!

Lamont will be here in not quite three hours to take me to the hospital. Once I brush my teeth and get dressed, I'll be ready. Mama's recliner. That's where I'll wait. Yea for me!


Lois said...

I will be thinking about you and praying everything goes well Lynette. You are awesome!

Susan Bauer said...

Life sometimes is all about the little things that give you a sense of self and of accomplishment. Yea for YOU! God speed and I hope everything goes well.

Birdman said...

Good luck! Yea for YOU!

William Kendall said...

Tea and black coffee rate as clear liquids?

Randy said...

Sending positive thoughts.

Jack said...

I hope all went well during the surgery, Lynette.