Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lost my mind for a little while this AM, and I didn't even realize that it had gone, well, I realized the first time in a few minutes, but not the second time till I uploaded these photos


I sat on a bench watching people, waiting until time to meet my friend Janessa this morning at the Hollywood Farmers Market. I rode there on the 12 bus. People watching led to photo taking. I had no idea until after I had taken quite a few photos that I didn't have the camera set properly. Therefore this photo that I took to you show you color-coordinated parents and their children is somewhat of a bust because you can't really see the parent in blue with one of his/her children wearing blue, the significant other in red, the other child in red. You can sort of see the man in blue shirt and shoes holding the hand of his son in DayGlo chartreuse shirt and shoes--they're the ones that caused me to notice the others, how they dressed and all. Best laid plans, and all that, for me anyway.


I realized it in time to get this photo a little girl on her scooter--do you call that thing a scooter? She's pushing the crosswalk button. If it's not time, at this particular location the automated voice hollers, "Wait!" and when it's time to cross, a sort of machine-gun-sound starts up. She had been talking animatedly to the woman, so I suspect that's her mom.


The last photos, which I had no idea that I took, well, this is one of three almost identical ones--they're evidence of the second time I lost my mind this AM. I don't know the lady in the black shoes; she's wearing a top my little Mama would've loved. The person holding the Thrive tote bag with the purple straps is my friend Janessa. I loaned it to her so that she could carry some of her purchases in it home to her apartment. She had filled up her backpack. Kaiser Permanente gave me the Thrive bag when I went to their seminar, Thrive with Cancer. They also gave me the pedometer I've been wearing ever since. I've only managed to erase the count twice since May 19, both times when I leaned into the bar at the Blue Diamond, which is where Janessa works. I'm going to ask her to remind me not to lean in like that 'cause both times it happened after work which meant my whole day's worth of steps went up in thin air before I could record it in my One Line A Day, A Five-Year Memory Book. I sort of remembered the count both times, having checked at some point while I sat there talking and laughing and listening to great live music.

All of what I bought is washed and ready to cook Sunday. I'm looking forward to every single bite!


Randy said...

I like that little flower helmet.

LuiZ FernandoS said...

The last photo could be saved for the next theme day

William Kendall said...

I was thinking the same thing as Luiz, since the theme day next month is upside down.