Tuesday, June 23, 2015

UPDATE and the blog post - Size, often it's all in perspective and location. Sometimes, it's just flat out huge. No. 4

UPDATE: Dr. Steiner's nurse Naomi let me know Monday afternoon that the final pathology report says it's probably cancer, so I'm having surgery on Thursday, probably at 1:30 p.m. I'll check in at 11:00 a.m. or so. I will get a phone call on Wednesday with a definite time for both. I will be in the hospital at least one night, probably just the one. I will then be recovering for weeks and, if all goes well, will return to work on August 10. During those six weeks, I will have two appointments with Dr. Steiner, one a post-op, on an evaluation of my fitness to return to work. Probably at the post-op, I will learn the results of the pathology of any tissues removed during the surgery. If it is really cancer, I'll have to have chemotherapy and/or radiation.

To tell you the truth, this is what I expected to hear, that I would have an operation on Thursday. I am thankful that I found out for sure today and didn't have to wait any longer--Thursday will be here very soon. I am ready for what's next and feel certain that Dr. Steiner is paying the best possible attention to my situation. My sons and I thank each of you for your prayers, your love, and your concern.


Close up as The World approaches the completely open Steel Bridge.


Closer but with maneuvering left to be done.


Looks like it's a straight shot from here, doesn't it?


You can see that The World must angle its way through the raised Steel Bridge. The Steel Bridge is a through truss, double-deck vertical-lift bridge across the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon, United States, opened in 1912.


My goodness, but that's one huge ship, y'all. Clearances . . . 26 feet closed, 72 feet with the lower deck raised, and 163 feet fully raised as it is here.


Now it is headed for the Broadway Bridge which is where I'm standing and taking photos.


Commuters held up by the lift of the Broadway Bridge.


So close and so huge, about the head beneath the Broadway Bridge.


Slow going.


There in the background, a portion of the Big Pink.


You can see the barricade with its reflective section in this photo--it's down to keep folks from falling off the bridge while the bridge is up.


A tugboat which surely has been working with The World to help it leave Portland.


Folks waiting for the bridge lift to be over so that they may continue on their way. Their view certainly is amazing.


Looks like all or most of The World is now past the Broadway Bridge and headed for the Fremont Bridge. It is not a bridge that opens and was built high enough for even ocean-going ships like The World to pass beneath.


Good-bye to The World.


By the time I'd walked part way to the bus stop so that I could catch one and get to work on time, the traffic had cleared very well. You can see that the bridge is completely closed, of course.


Here's a view of the bridge deck as it joins the streets at the west end of the Broadway Bridge. I took it through the bus windshield.


Lois said...

Wonderful post Lynette. You and your sons are in my prayers daily.

William Kendall said...

That is a huge ship!

I hope the operation and post-op go well.

Randy said...

Love all of these shots.