Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Seen at Schreiner's Iris Gardens - No. 8 - Adirondack Row


There, in the background, one of the well-placed, colorful Adirondack chairs. I wanted you to be able to read the sign which is also in the next photo, a wider shot.


I noticed another bowl of water at the entrance to the demonstration gardens, but I didn't notice any dogs.


I call this Adirondack Row. To me, these chairs enhance the gardens beautifully.


This one's a bit crooked, but I like it anyway. I was trying for depth of field, I think you call it, with the green one in focus and the others not; also, the bench is a bit out of focus, too. If I try to straighten it, I bet I'll lose part of the back of that green one. I'm pretty tired and need to go to bed, so I won't try it. (I'm doing this post on Tuesday night, for Wednesday.)


Looking at Adirondack Row from the other end of the gardens.


Trying that depth of field thing again, if that's the correct term. I like this photo, too.


William Kendall said...

Great colours. Here we call those chairs Muskoka chairs.

Randy said...

I love the colorful Adirondacks.