Thursday, June 11, 2015

Seen on a walk during my lunch hour last Friday.


This mural is well-done. It surprised me since I hadn't walked that direction in I don't know how long. That's the Hawthorne Bridge depicted at the top of the bay door.


A bit of it in a close up, focusing on the recessed doorway.


A different perspective on the mural. That's my work building in the background on the left side of the photo.


Straight on perspective; I wish I could have found some info about the mural online. I didn't find anything after looking for about 45 minutes--now I'm tired and need to finish and get this scheduled to publish for Thursday.


Close up of the vehicle parked out front. I wondered after reading the sign on the back window if this business Green Hammer may be nearby, so I looked it up online and found that their address is in this block. I don't know if this mural is theirs since their street number is 1323 and the number inside the door of the building with the mural is 1321.

This is from their Web site: Green Hammer is a unified design-build firm.

And this, too: Stewardship: The Green Hammer Purpose

Nature is our ultimate classroom and an infinite source of inspiration. Buildings that mimic healthy living systems provide fresh air and clean water, create and conserve energy, and live in harmony with our natural world. A healthy building supports us personally while restoring the health of the planet. A smart building pays back with reduced operational costs and improved economic value.

At Green Hammer we embody the expertise, ingenuity, and passion to transform buildings where we live, work, and play. Every building is an opportunity to improve our wellbeing, financial health and relationship with nature. We create healthy and inspiring buildings, designed for people and built for life.

In the same block, Urban Timberworks. This is from their Web site:

We Listen to Clients and Speak For the Trees

The veteran Urban Timberworks team takes felled urban trees and transforms them into unique furniture pieces that tell the story of the tree and stand the test of time. We take tremendous care and consideration of each tree we process to ensure we maximize its yield and pay homage to its life by tracking and translating its story: where it came from and why it came down. We examine its unique characteristics and let it speak to us about how it is best transformed.

We match our clients’ unique desires and designs to the pieces we have in waiting. What sets us apart from other designers and woodworkers is our attention to each detail and respect for the life cycle of the tree while transforming it into a functional work of art. With our care, patience, expertise, and craftsmanship, we listen to our clients and speak for the trees to transform urban felled logs into treasured artisan furniture.

I wonder which business has this mural on it. Maybe I'll be able to find out the next time I walk that direction.


William Kendall said...

An impressive mural! The wolf particularly grabs my attention.

Juliet said...

That is one beautiful piece of work. Thank you for sharing.

Randy said...

Love the smart car.

Jack said...

Nice artwork, though I am still not crazy about most murals.

Anonymous said...

Lynette, I used to park near that building w/the mural when I worked in the Multco building and I believe it was done about 8-12 months ago. There should be an artist signature/ID on it towards the bottom I think. It's pretty impressive; your photos do it good justice. -Mr. B.