Thursday, March 26, 2015

The new apartment building in my neighborhood, which is known as Kerns. I took this photo March 25, 2015.


After work on Wednesday, I got off the 12 bus and walked south on NE 20th in order to quickly take this photo before walking on home. This is five-story apartment building I mentioned in yesterday's post, the one with the parking lot which was already there in that space. I found this online from March 2, 2013, about plans for the building: The units will be mostly studios or one-bedrooms, although there may be a few two-bedroom units, and each will have a deck or patio, he said. He is Joe Westerman who owns the lot and made the decision to ditch the food trucks for the apartment building. I see nothing to make me think deck or patio. I wonder why that's seems to be the case. Elsewhere online I found in an blurb dated August 22, 2013, that the building is named 20e. Hmmm.

About the parking lot, I just found this online at the Kerns Neighborhood Association Web site, posted February, 2015: Neighborhood Notes Land Use: At our January meeting, Joe Westerman who is building the apartment complex at 20th & Everett (where the parking lot/Green Castle Food Cart Pod was) talked to us about Phase 2 of the building. He now owns the other half of the parking lot (on Davis) and will be building a second apartment building, which will have 56 units, 18 parking spaces and 19 bike spaces. It will look similar to what is currently being built but with a different pattern. It will have two levels, then the top two floors will be set back. They will plant more trees along 20th.

Interesting but not unexpected with developers, if you ask me; this is a huge change if I understand what I'm reading here below, in 2014 he doesn't mention building another apartment next to the one in the photo, he puffs up the parking possibilities, but, look back at the previous paragraph where he says there's a phase 2 which, again, if I'm reading this right, will be built on the parking lot you can see in the screen shot on yesterday's post. I'm basing my confusion on what I found on the Kerns Neighborhood Association's Web site, posted February, 2014: Update on Green Castle Food Cart Property @ 20th: We heard back from Joe Westerman who has plans to develop the former food cart pod into residential. He came to a meeting last year and showed us some plans. According to an email from one year ago, Joe told us: "I will do everything I can to maximize parking at my apartment community. I am installing steps to the ground floor units facing 20th so people can park on 20th and walk right into their unit rather than go around to the main building entrance. The parking on 20th is used very little so this is a good opportunity for me to make better use of it. I will still have the parking lot next door that we currently use for Green Castle customer parking. I think this will take a big load off the streets around my apartment community. I'm also hoping to install a Zip car space so people in my building and the neighbors will have access to ready transportation without having to own a car or look for a space to park it. We would like to have a dedicated space for a Zip Car. Every little bit helps. Lastly I will have at around 10 surface parking places on site which in addition to my other options will certainly add to our total parking solution."


William Kendall said...

Lots of promises in that statement. Promises from a developer mean very little.

Randy said...

I have to agree with William about developers. It does look like a nice neighborhood.