Friday, March 20, 2015

Portland Trail Blazers' Robin Lopez, Player Palooza, Feb. 2, 2015


The first photo of the night, thanks to my quick sighting of RoLo sitting at this counter. I saw him just as we started to walk through the area where some signs hung over other stations which had no Blazer on sight yet. Since RoLo is Janessa's favorite, I sped up instantly, saying, "RoLo!" and pointed towards him. We took off like a couple of scalded cats--sorry for the vividness of that metaphor, but it's one I've heard used for years. Hmmm. How about I just stop using it after this time because I don't want to think about those poor cats. Well, I digress. To get to talk with this great big man for a moment of two and get my photo taken with him--an absolute treat! For someone who plays under the basket and/or very near the basket with a determined ferociousness, his voice is surprisingly soft. Some folks don't care for Robin's hairstyle or his facial hair. I for one adore his look just as much as I enjoy his style of on-court play.


Birdman said...

Did I tell ya he'd look SUPER in Green?

Denton Harryman said...

Hi Lynette. Your looking good.

William Kendall said...

Yes, he certainly does have a mountain man look to him. Being a bearded guy, I say there's nothing wrong with facial hair.