Friday, March 27, 2015

Something different, from October 25, 2008.


I wanted to post something different, completely different from basketball and my neighborhood. So, here it is, a store window display at Brooks Brothers, downtown Portland, on SW Morrison near Pioneer Courthouse Square. TriMet's MAX Red and Blue Lines traverse Morrison westbound at this particular point. What I like, in particular about this photo, is the story the three windows tell, in image and text.

The leftmost window features the word "Before ..." and a mannequin ironing a dress shirt, complete with a can of spray starch.

The center window features the words "Say good bye to your iron." and a galvanized trashcan stuffed with an ironing board, iron, and at least one unironed dress shirt.

The rightmost window features the words "The Brooks Brothers Miracle Non-Iron Dress Shirt 3 for $199" and a chrome-plated clothing rack loaded with more than ten dress shirts, hanging equidistant from one another.

From my side of the street, reflected in the windows and seen at the bottom of the photo, between the petunia planters and the stone curb across the street, you'll find among those gray bricks one of the rails that the MAX wheels rest on as the cars roll along--the perspective precludes the other rail's appearance in this photo. Trust me, the neither the rails nor the curb wave as the so wonderfully do here!


Birdman said...

Staring at it too long might bring on a brief case of the dizzies. Round and round...

William Kendall said...

Unusual with a touch of whimsy!

Randy said...

Creative display.