Monday, March 23, 2015

Didn't get to take a photo of these this year.


Where I catch the bus for the first part of my morning work-day commute, these trees still stand on the corner where I cross NE Sandy on my way to the bus shelter, just to the right out of the photo. However, the building which belongs to this parking lot is being remodeled, and a fence surrounds everything on the triangle-shaped lot. Plus, there are construction trailers and vehicles in the way, too. No idea how long this will take to be completed nor do I know what the business there looked like inside prior to all of this work. And I'm wondering what, if anything, will be done to the exterior which is mundane, at best. I took this photo March 18, 2011.


William Kendall said...

They certainly are pretty!

Lois said...

Well at least you have one from your archives. Very pretty Lynette!

Randy said...

I love the color.