Saturday, March 21, 2015

Smiles all around, Janessa and RoLo, Janessa and Nico, Player Palooza, Feb. 2, 2015


Any doubt in your mind that Janessa had just as much fun as I did at Player Palooza's early-admittance-hour? Check out those starry eyes, y'all. When I said, "RoLo!" and took off walking, she was right there with me, joyfully anticipating getting her photo taken with her favorite Blazer, Robin Lopez. She had her phone with her, so she's got her own photo, plus this one that I took. Yea for Janessa! Yea for RoLo!


Vigilance while taking photos paid off for us because I saw Nicolas Batum being walked with a handler to his appointed station just beyond where we were with Robin, so I quickly directed us there right after I took the photo of Janessa smiling so blissfully, that close to her favorite! We were second and third in line, which saved us an enormous amount of time for the last Blazer I got to have my photo taken with, Wesley Matthews, Ironman! Look back to the blog on March 18 for Wesley and me, on March 19 for Nicolas and me, and on March 20 for Robin and me. Here is the first photo that I took of Janessa with Nico, enjoying a laugh together while someone took a photo for her on her phone.


Here's the photo showing how pleasantly they posed a second later. Sweet, totally sweet! Oh, and how's this for sweetness? While we waited in the long line for Wesley, we talked with two ladies behind us who, as time ticked away, revealed that they had not managed to get a photo with anyone. When it became obvious that time would run out even for them to get a photo with Wesley, Janessa let them ahead of her in the line. She's the real deal, that Janessa!


Birdman said...

I'm a sports fanatic but have NEVER even thought of getting an autograph or even a snap. Let the games begin, I say. Lopez would look good in Celtic GREEN.

William Kendall said...

RoLo looks like quite a character. Something of a mountain man to him.

Randy said...

I love that they do this for their fans.