Thursday, March 19, 2015

Portland Trail Blazers' Nicolas Batum, Player Palooza, Feb. 2, 2015


When this young Frenchman is on, it's like you're in the presence of the most-grin-producing-enjoyable-out-the-wazoo-basketball you've ever witnessed! Y'all, from fingertip to fingertip, Nic's reach is 7'4" and he's so quick and can jump so high! He blocks shots, he steals the ball, he runs the court, he passes, he get rebounds, he makes two-point and three-point baskets. When he's not on, I'm one sad, sad Portland Trail Blazers' fan, let me tell you. Standing there and talking with him for a short time, having my photo taken with him, what a treat for this ol' lady who wishes nothing for him but to be on every time he takes the court. About that 7'4"--it's not hard to believe it when you see his folded arm there on the counter. Oh, and he's 6'8" tall and clearly understands the game. And we lucked out with a short line for Nico because we got inside the Moda Center at 4 p.m. since I had renewed by season ticket for next year early enough to qualify for that extra hour--yea!

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William Kendall said...

Nicolas looks quite friendly.