Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Showers brought out lots of color at Cars in the Park, June 18, 2011

Nikon D50 photos:

These ladies had been shopping at the Portland Farmers Market, farther south than the Cars in the Park. I love their colorful market bags!

Here's another shopper, complete with cloth bags. I like the color of her umbrella and rain jacket.

I like all of these umbrellas, opened and held high as everyone moved from car to car. Everyone but the man in the gold jacket with the black and white umbrella who has stopped to take a photo of a Chevy--his umbrella is tilted but not to worry, it was a very light rain shower. How about those laced up black shoes? Are they boots? High tops?

This is the 1957 Chevy Bel Air which caused the woman beneath the white and teal green umbrella to smile. It's a beautiful car. I cannot remember ever seeing one this color. Can you?

You can tell that Portlanders welcome the rain. I mean, here two young women have stopped outside to chat, no matter the weather. If it had been raining harder or if the drops had been larger, I imagine you'd see them in much the same manner, there on the sidewalk with the park behind them.

Same thing with this three-member family who walked between me and the two young women on their way west in the South Park Blocks.

Finally, I cannot resist a bit of automobile/showers color for your enjoyment.

1953 Chevrolet 3105 Panel Truck, under 21,000 original miles.

1969 Chevrolet Z/28 Camaro.

1966 Chevrolet Impala SS


1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe. The sheet in the window had this sentence on it: My father bought the car new and took delivery at the factory in Flint, Michigan.


Kate said...

A wonderful array of colourful umbrellas. You have quite a remarkable collection of car images today.

Jim Klenke said...

I love the rain drops on the cars. I forgot what rain looks like.

Birdman said...

Rain drives owners crazy, but make for stunning images.

Randy said...

I love all of the colors in your photos. That rain really does look nice.

Clytie said...

Love all the umbrellas!!!

And the drippy cars!

brian stout said...

ahh... how i miss a summer rain!! i really like that bel air too!

Tracey said...

Love all the photos you get. My dad is coming to town and loves photography. I'd love to find him some spots to take photos that don't involve too much walking... any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

It's raining here, right now, after days of 115-119 heat index! =0 We need the rain & so does Texas...

I have to agree w/ my brother, Brian, I really like the Bel Air... I'm also partial to the Impala, cuz that's what I drive! heheheee =)

Beautiful shots... I love all the cars