Monday, July 11, 2011

Cars in the Park, Vintage American Cars, July 9, 2011

I went camera shopping early Saturday, with Kailey and Leland, then with just Leland so that sweet Kailey could get some sleep--she works graveyard. After a total of three stops, I found what I wanted and what I could afford at Ritz Camera, a Nikon D5100. You see, my beloved Nikon D50 has been erratic at best lately, plus I pined for the sharpness of a Nikon lens again. Now I'm all set and can see about getting the D50 to the camera hospital.

Buying a new camera, of course, means charging the battery before you can go out and about with the camera hanging around your neck. An hour and a half after I plugged in the charger, I arrived at the South Park Blocks for this Saturday's car show right before 3 p.m. I figured I'd be just fine because the advertised end time was 5 p.m., so imagine how my mouth dropped open when I got to the top of the stairs at SW Main and the South Park Blocks and saw the streets 97% empty. Immediately I hot-footed it to the closest car, camera ready. As I took a few photos, I looked up and saw about a block away a Woody--the first one I've seen in person! Then in a few minutes I saw a car driving away that reminded me of a gangster movie car. For a little while I rushed around, taking photos. Here they are for you to enjoy.

1937 Ford V8. I asked the owner, the man in the red T-shirt, for the name of the color. He replied, "Autumn Brown. Like fall. That's a stock Ford color." The closest to the correct color is in that sunny spot on the front fender and in the sunny spot between the headlight and the grill--naturally the shade made the color darker.

The Ford's hood ornament; I wish I had asked whether or not it is original.

The 1939 Ford Deluxe Woody Station Wagon that caused my heart to race as I approached it--praying the owner was not inside and about to drive off. On the wall behind it is an image of one of the cars on display inside the Portland Art Museum, part of The Allure of the Automobile.

I have to tell you, the wood on this car outshone any of the totally metal cars I have seen. Rich, mellow, satiny smooth, gorgeous wood. I heard the man who owns the Woody saying that some of it was original!

More of that grin-inducing wood!

This beauty quietly drove up and then past me as I stared at the Woody, so I missed getting a photo of the front. You can see from the next photo that both cars look very much alike, which makes me think this one is a Pierce Arrow, too.

I know this one is a Pierce Arrow because I stepped up to the window and asked the driver as he waited for pedestrians to clear the intersection. This car is the one that made me think of gangster movies. Love those black-wall tires!

1938 Pontiac Two-Door Cabriolet Convertible

That's the owner standing by it in the photo above. You can tell that he's got it partially parked on the sidewalk.

I think that oblong black thing is the step you use to get yourself into the rumble seat. I wonder if he had it open earlier in the day?

The Pontiac's hood ornament.

When I looked back towards the Woody, I saw this beauty pulled to a stop behind it. The owner's getting out as I snap the photo.


The hub cab says Packard Super Eight. Unfortunately I am reflected too much in this photo--gotta pay better attention next week when I go see the Multnomah Hot Rod Council's vehicles!

Lovely, lovely car.

The Packard's hood ornament.


Jim Klenke said...

neat cars, I like the hood ornaments. It would be funny if they put one of those stickers like a bullet hole on it. They could just make up stories then.

Birdman said...

I always thought the Pontiac hood ornament was class.

Jack said...

Very cool. I especially like the side view of the woody below the large sign for the museum, and the close-up of the Packard hub cap. (Don't beat yourself up over the reflection.)

And, congrats on the new camera. I'm a Canon guy and treated myself to a new DSLR last fall. Fun, isn't it?

Randy said...

I love the hood ornaments too! What a great auto show!

Anonymous said...

that "autumn brown" is a '37 Ford Club Coupe..very rare body.I have one..and for the greyhound hood ornament..its also a very rare aftermarket ornament. neat car. awesome pictures.