Friday, February 18, 2011

Looking in store windows: Stark's Vacuum Cleaner Museum, NE Grand and NE Couch

One night in November--for some reason which I cannot remember, good grief, I must have been on my way home from 3 Doors Down Cafe because that's the only place I go after dark, yep, these photos were taken on Nov. 26, a Friday--I was out and about waiting for the 20 bus beside the Stark’s Vacuum Cleaner Museum which is in the Stark's store. Now that I have moved, I ride by this corner every weekday morning on my way to work, so I figured it was time to share these shots with y'all.

Vacuna, the Goddess of Leisure, is mentioned at the link in the text beneath the top photo--that's where you can find out about the museum by reading a Roadside America article.

A somewhat blurry photo of the logo on the vacuum.

Another window on the museum.

Here's a close up of the Filter Queen which appears to have been turned into a lamp. A table lamp? One has to wonder. Behind it, you can also see more vintage vacs on another level.

Love the way the lettering Premier Duplex looks on this one. Way cool.

Another fine example, Cinderella. Catch the movement in that tail beneath the letters.

And one more. I need to go to the museum and find out what years these three were manufactured. The lettering has made me very curious.

Here's more of the Cinderella and the Sturtevant.

And here's a Eureka, the Premier Duplex, the Cinderella at the junction of the two windows, and the Sturtivant, all lined up for you.

Finally, do you see a vacuum from your past here?


Halcyon said...

Must be an interesting place to visit. I have never heard of a vacuum museum before!! :)

Lois said...

Those are amazing pictures! The ones in that last shot remind me of the old Electrolux we used to have when I was a kid.

Randy said...

Wonderful series of photos.

Steve Scauzillo said...

Lynette, I missed this place when I was in town visiting! Seriously, I think your photos count for a visit. Thanks.

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