Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I decided to move. These are my eight windows--you can't actually see one of them. I did not have cable or "blog-able" Internet for 13 long days!

I won't say exactly where I am now, except that I have gone from Northwest Portland to Northeast Portland. My two sons wanted me nearer to them with the good possibility of actually finding a parking space near my building. My brother flew up here on a Monday around noon and stayed through Thursday around noon. Between him, my two sons and one friend from work, they got all of my stuff either over here or dropped off at Goodwill. Before all of that, though, I had splendid help from friends at work, from providing packing boxes and paper, to sorting things for Goodwill, to packing box after box, to cleaning up the old apartment. Another friend stayed here with me at the new place on the first day of the process, moving boxes around in preparation for the arrival of furniture. No one got hurt; it did not rain; so far I haven't found anything broken. I never could have done this without their efforts, never. I still have boxes everywhere. I didn't bring some of the furniture--it just wouldn't fit. I like this place and now it feels like home. The bus stops are close with several options, as are a few Zipcars.

I don't really know how to thank everyone who helped me with this move, nor do I know how to thank those of you who have commented on my two posts about Mama. Your love and support strengthens me daily. I am getting better at dealing with my new reality, every single day. With what I am going through emotionally, I am pleased with the progress made, both in my heart and in my new home. Truth be told, it is good for me to have something to concentrate on doing, in between bouts of staring into space.

Here are the only photos that I am willing to share at this point, mainly because I have a lot left to do to get the studio into shape for viewing.

Here you see the first four windows which face south. The only thing outside is the entrance sidewalk and the other part of the apartment building. It was a sunny day when Lamont and I looked at this 550 square foot studio, so I know what to expect when our glorious Portland weather returns. I really liked the floors, the spacious room, and the bay-window-like situation. I turned left as I walked into the room and then found the closet to my immediate left.

Inside, and looking to the right of the closet door. Sorry, the photo's crooked. I took the photo above this one while standing in the closet doorway.

To the left of the closet door--I have replaced that teensy light bulb with a fluorescent one. The closet is 140 inches from end to end and 48 inches across--Lamont measured it and the rest of the apartment for me after I found out it would be mine! In preparation for the move, I photographed all of my furniture, measured it and recorded the info on the printed photos. Then I found a free 3D interior design software online which I used to make plans for placement and plans for what to discard.

I walked from the closet toward the bay window and saw this room out of the corner of my right eye. "What's this?" I said, in shock to find a room other than the expected kitchen and bathroom. "It's your bedroom," replied the rental agent. Lamont thought it would be a great room for my creative outlets. I did, too, until I realized that I wouldn't be able to see or hear the TV while in that room, thanks to my 3D efforts.

Bedroom it has become, the first corner of my new home to get set for actual living. My twin bed fits right there against that wall, with the row of windows beside me.

Looking into the kitchen from approximately where my bed now sits. Is it readily evident that there is a dearth of cabinets/shelves/storage? I'm working with what's there, plus two pieces of mine. Lamont has plans to add shelving as soon as we figure out what I will need. We'll go to Ikea, I imagine.

The wall cabinet beside the sink.

The sink and its single cabinet underneath, plus you can see about half of the small shelving area inset into the wall. I think that sink has been there ever since the building went up in 1925.

These shelves are in what appears to have originally been a wall-mounted ironing board. They are between that white cabinet in the first kitchen photo and the refrigerator.

The final storage option originally present in the kitchen.

Looking from the living room towards the front door which is to the right through that arch. That slender area with the lighter-colored wood floor that you see is a short hallway that goes into the kitchen--that bit of an open door is on the cabinet in the last photo.

This is a built-in cabinet in that hallway, a very narrow cabinet that is 74 inches wide, with two of the strangest, most-in-the-way doors I have ever come across. I plan to ask for them to be removed.

Most of the bathroom.

An additional view of the bathroom. Please know that the floor had not been cleaned prior to our viewing it.

So, there you have it. My new home before I filled it with furniture and stuff. At some point I will get it straightened up and take photos for you to see. Suffice it to say that I will be working towards those two goals at a steady pace.

Thanks for returning to Portland Oregon Daily Photo.


Jim Klenke said...

Looks like a nice apartment. I look forward to seeing how you decorate it. I like the floors and lots of windows.

Rosa said...

Looks great! Cant wait to see it : )

WendyB said...

Looks like a nice space! Glad you're close to the boys.

Jack said...

I'm glad to see you back, Lynette. A move was probably a good idea. Here's hoping that this new apartment is a happy one for you!

Steve Scauzillo said...

Wow, Lynette. I was worried. Glad to see Portland Daily Photo is back. And glad to see you are grieving, that is important. I spent four days in Portland and had a blast. Some of it ended up on my blog. Blessings in the new apartment.

Randy said...

What a great looking place. I love the hardwood floors! Enjoy your new place and your next adventure.

Lois said...

It looks so nice and cozy! I love the floors too and I'm really glad you are back.

Sharon said...

Count me as one more person relieved to see you back. Your new space is exciting, and looks very Portland-y to me. Love the windows--every bit of light helps on the dreary days! It'll be interesting to see how you fix the place up and make it you.

bfarr said...

Good luck to you. I like the look of your new place. I look forward to seeing more of it and I am glad you are weathering the storm.

Halcyon said...

I was wondering what happened to you! Glad to see you're back. I like the looks of your new apt. Looks nice and cozy and the wood floors are gorgeous!